Self-Evaluation Post

If I could describe this whole process in one word, it would be: GROWTH. I have developed so many new skills and learned so much from this production, this character, and this project. There were many times when I felt discouraged or inadequate, many times when I made mistakes, and many times when I let my fear keep me from… Read more →

Closing Performance and Afterwords

April 23, 2017 THOUGHTS ON AFTERWORDS Tonight was our closing performance and Afterwords. I’d never done Afterwords before, so I was excited to get that experience. I think the question that was asked that affected me the most deeply was when someone asked Neal if he thought Macbeth was more ambitious than his wife. Neal answered that as we discussed… Read more →

Performance #7 and #8

April 22, 2017 It’s double show day! I made sure to stretch for a little longer and do some extra y-buzzing to prepare. Despite the extra y-buzzing, I felt out of tone during most of the matinee (especially during the scene that starts with Banquo’s soliloquy) and had to really focus on it before the second performance of the day. The… Read more →

Performance #6

April 21, 2017 Tonight was a very emotional performance for me. Although I’ve felt connected to my character during performances prior, tonight it was super intense, more than I thought was possible. Maybe it was because I got fewer hours of sleep than I usually do… I could feel myself shaking during the “unsex me” speech and the monologue about… Read more →

Performance #5

April 20, 2017 We had a bit of a late start to tonight’s performance, which I think actually enhanced the energy of our cast/crew. Our audience was vocal, which was great, but unlike some previous audiences, they didn’t laugh unexpectedly, which I think helped us build on the energy we already carried at the top of the show. This performance, I… Read more →

Performance #4

April 19, 2017 It was so weird having a three-day “break” from this show. I love playing Lady Macbeth, and even though it sounds cheesy, I’ve missed telling her story every night. On Sunday, a bunch of us sat in on Shakespeare Theatre Company’s open rehearsal of Macbeth, and seeing how different and creative their interpretation was made me anxious… Read more →

Performance #3

April 15, 2017 We had a Musical Theatre class before our call tonight, so my voice was very warmed up and in tone for the show! I still y-buzzed for 20 minutes before our call to be safe, but I felt like tonight was my best night tonally. I think I did a good job enunciating and projecting, but I… Read more →

Performance #2 & Friday Night Out

April 14, 2017 THOUGHTS ON FRIDAY NIGHT OUT I enjoyed getting to be a part of this event, since I’ve never had the opportunity to do so before. Talking with the patrons and getting to know them was so fun. Some of the questions that they asked were kind of awkward, though. My most awkward moment was when one woman asked me why I’ve never… Read more →


April 13, 2017 THOUGHTS There were some hiccups with the show in general tonight–someone even ended up falling into the house. Personally, I felt pretty good about tonight’s performance. There were a lot of improvements from IDR: I didn’t paraphrase, I was in tone, and I made sure to enunciate and project. One specific improvement I made from last night was… Read more →